Review on Common Observed HPLC Troubleshooting Problems

Kashyap Raval 1,*, Himanshu Patel 2

1Department of Quality Control, Spectrum Chemical Mfg Corp, New Jersey, USA
2Manager, Department of Quality Control, Spectrum Chemical Mfg Corp, New Jersey, USA

Abstract:HPLC provide much higher resolution, more accurate quantitative results, as well as shorter analysis times in comparison to the earlier techniques, HPLC has evolved into an indispensable tool in many analytical laboratories. Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes. Actually, HPLC refers to a number of separation techniques that use a liquid mobile phase, or eluent. Troubleshooting HPLC instrumentation and separations require a fundamental understanding of how the instrument functions and how the separation works. Common HPLC problems are caused by component malfunctions (pump, degasser, injector, detector, data system, column), and faulty preparation of the mobile phase or sample preparation. Always use well cleaned glassware for preparation for better results. Main key to resolve HPLC problem is Cleaning of HPLC with appropriate solvent. If any problem occurs, it is advisable to perform a quick visual check of the instrument and column. If Monograph or any protocol is provided then try to follow same process. Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes. Otherwise, we suggest that you read the entire article so as to pick up some ideas that will help you avoid problems in the future. We hope that this article useful to diagnose problems and to gain understanding of underlying causes so that you can prevent or minimize future occurrence. Colum and HPLC care is most important part of troubleshooting. In This article, we tried to cover all major troubleshooting problems.

Keywords: HPLC troubleshooting, Column Storage & Cleaning, Basic of HPLC.


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