A Systematic Literature Review on the Potential of Other Tobacco Processing Products (HPTL) as an Alternative Product in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Oktavia Eka Puspita*, Tamara Gusti Ebtavanny, Nurus Sobah

Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University, Malang 65145, East Java, Indonesia.

Abstract: Tobacco products other than cigarettes or alternative tobacco products have gained much popularity and perceived as less risk product compared to conventional cigarettes. In Indonesia, the product is known as Hasil Pengolahan Tembakau Lainnya (HPTL) or Other Tobacco Processing Products. Many studies have been done throughout the world and showed that the products have potential in reducing risk of tobacco use. As long as those products have much variety in design neither device nor materials the result may be differ between studies. In this systematic literature review aimed to answers some question concerning issues whether HPTL is less risk compared to conventional cigarettes and does HPTL able in helping smoker to quit smoking. We searched published articles relating to HPTL harm reduction and smoking cessation. The parameters for harm reduction is assessed based on the biomarker of exposure (BoE) levels detected in breath, blood, and urine and also based on the cardiovascular marker measured in participant. Parameters measured for smoking cessation was based on the cigarettes used per day by the participant. Conclusion: for those parameters are HPTL has potential as tobacco harm reduction and help smoker to quit smoking.

Keywords:HPTL, alternative tobacco products, tobacco harm reduction, smoking cessation.


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