Evaluation of Vascular Complications in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at a South Indian Tertiary Care Hospital

Silvya Grace B1,*, Soma Sundaram I2

1PhD Scholar, VELS University, Pallavarum, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
2Professor, VELS University, Pallavarum, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Abstract: Background: Now a day, globally diabetes is one of the most common chronic non-communicable diseases globally. In our study to assess, the clinical characteristics and complications in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The main aim of the present study was to evaluate the complications among diabetic patients in different age groups. Methodology: It’s a Prospective-observational study, carried out in 9 months at patients attending a tertiary care hospital in Guntur. We enrolled age group between 30- 80 years patients. Results: Out of 215 patients, males were 122 and females were 93. Above 50% of patients were diagnosed within the age group of 51-65 years. About 61% of patients were having overweight based on BMI ranges and about 63% of patients were at high risk of HbA1C i.e., >6%. The mean age was found to be 51-65(50.97%). Out of all comorbidities, it was found that hypertension 112 (52.09%) was high. The complications associated with diabetes found in the present study were microvascular complications which include microvascular complications, nephropathy (n=63) was high followed by neuropathy (n=53); retinopathy (n=31), and males (n=108) were more prone than females (n=80). Drug therapy was monotherapy 106(49.30%) and dual therapy 29 (13.48%). Triple therapy 7 (3.25%) usage was less when compared to mono and dual therapy. Conclusion: Based on our study interpretation, the complications of DM are commonly seen in those are having uncontrolled glucose levels. Among microvascular complications, nephropathy was most commonly observed, followed by neuropathy also. Enhancing level of HbA1c and BMI was found to be a more significant correlation with neuropathy in most of the individuals.

Keywords:Diabetes mellitus, Coronary artery diseases, Macrovascular, microvascular, nephropathy.


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