Evaluation of Common Ultrasound Findings of Female Patients with Pelvic Pains in Port-Harcourt Metropolis

Lekpa Kingdom David1,*, Chijioke Kelechi2, John Nwolim Paul1,3

1Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
2Department of Medical Imaging Technology, School of Medical Imaging Technology, Rivers State College of Health Science and Management Technology, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
3Westland University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.

Abstract: Background: Pelvic pain is known well as a common symptom of women of all ages mostly and is often associated with morbidity and even mortality. Pelvic pain may be either acute or chronic and may be due to a wide spectrum of causes. This work was designed to evaluate common pelvic pain among female patient of child bearing age in Port-Harcourt Metropolis using ultrasound modality. Materials and Methods: A retrospective non-experimental design was adopted to analyzed result of data collected from Radiology Departments of selected Health facilities in Port-Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State. The study was done with a sample size of 400 conveniently selected and the data collected using request form and patient’s folders who were diagnosed of some common pelvic pain complications such as Ovarian cyst, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Leiomyoma, Hydrosalpinx, Endometritis, Endometrioma, Endometriosis, Retained Product of Conception (RPOC), Uterine Adhesion, Uterine Synechiae, Dermoid cyst, Hemorrhagic cyst and Salpingitis using ultrasound from 2016-2019 in Port-Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State. The data was analyzed using simple percentage, mean, standard deviation and standard error. The findings were represented in graphics (bar chart), and statistical calculation inputted in micro-soft excel 2017, SPSS and ANOVA for easy comprehension. Discussions: Findings from the study conducted shows that out of 400 out patients (women) diagnosed of pelvic pain complications from 2016-2019, PID was the most prevalent pelvic pain complications with 130(32.5%) cases; while Salpingitis and Hemorrhagic cyst were the lowest with 1(0.25%) cases. The study also showed that pelvic pain was most prevalent 82(20.5%) in women under the age of 33-37 years.2019 recorded the highest cases of pelvic pain complications 159(39.75%), while 2017 recorded the least cases 69(17.25). Conclusion: In this study, TAS was widely used 226(56.5%) than TVS which had 174(43.5%) in the diagnoses of pelvic pain. Ultrasound is an important imaging modality for the diagnosis of acute pelvic pain, as it can easily show the causes of pelvic pain. It is readily availability, affordable and radiation free.

Keywords:Descriptive study, Ultrasound, Pelvic pains, Female, Port Harcourt.


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