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VOLUME-2, (ISSUE-3) 2014
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Review Articles
1. A Brief Review on Convergence of Diversifying Fields of Nanotechnology and Bioinformatics as an Advanced Revolutionized Device for Betterment of Humankind
Kirti Rani
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2. Surgical Site Infections: Classification, Risk factors, Pathogenesis and Preventive Management
Rajvir Singh, Pooja Singla, Uma Chaudhary
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Case Study
3. A Rare Case Report of Carcinoma Esophagus in Young Adult
Athawale Kedar, Lakhkar Dilip, Katariya Mitesh, Barhate Anand
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Original Articles
4. In-Vitro Study on Spasmolytic Activity of Calotropis Procera In Rabbit Jejunum
Shreenivas Revankar, Jagadeesh K, Jagadeesh SC
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5. Development and Evaluation Sustained release matrices of Lamivudine by using Synthetic Polymer
Supriya Deogire, Sonali Mahaparale
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6. The Peak Expiratory Flow Rates of Petrol Station Attendants in Nnewi Using a Wright Peak Flow Meter
Ezejindu DN, Ujah Joseph E, Ikhajiangbe Happy IN
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7. Production of Cellulase from Micrococcus sp and effect of growth parameters
Nisha P, Anitmol Das, Saritha KV
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8. The Influence of Sesame Oil Addition on the Arbutin Release and Penetration in Carbomer Gel Base
Tristiana Erawati, Widji Soeratri, Noorma Rosita, Wida Rukmanajati, Hanifa Rahma
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9. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Leptospirosis among municipal workers in Tiruchirapalli, India
Prabhu N , Meera J , Bharanidharan G , Natarajaseenivasan K , Ismail M , Uma A
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10. Prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis Infection Among Patients that Presented to Rural Tertiary Care Hospital in Tiruchirapalli, India in 2011 and 2013
Deivam S, Rajalakshmi R, Priyadharshini S, Seethalaksmi RS, Balasubramanian N , Brindha T , Lakshmi Priya P, Prabhu N
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